Drawing on a rich pool of creative and literary talent, OUT defines and articulates the contribution of gay men and women to the culture. Through a provocative blend of fashion, pop culture, and journalism, OUT inspires readers to consider the ever-evolving meaning of gay.

Audiences and brands clamor for OUT’s unique perspective on style, entertainment, the arts, current events and travel. In print, online, through video, and across social, if it’s in it’s OUT.



The Advocate is the world’s leading source of LGBT news and information. Capturing the political and cultural conversations of the community through award-winning journalism, compelling photography and video, and vital commentary, The Advocate defines what it is to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender today.

Since 1967, audiences and brands trust The Advocate to deliver critical and timely information and reporting on business, politics, arts and entertainment, family life, health, and more. In print, online, and across social, The Advocate is the community’s most trusted source.  


Photography: Benedict Evans | Allison Michael Orenstein

Pride.com is the socially-driven epicenter of original video, photography and editorial, where all young LGBTQAI people can find stories to share and connect with people like them.

Pride’s content and format is inspired by the philosophy that what’s trending is what matters, being upbeat and fun is always the best approach, and content is currency. Audiences and brands count on Pride to entertain, inform and inspire.



Out Traveler sets the editorial standard for LGBT travelers by offering definitive and inspirational destination guides, traveler advice, city guides curated by LGBT notables and coverage of top travel destinations and experiences.

LGBT travelers have a unique set of expectations and concerns that Out Traveler addresses with elan. Audiences and brands look to Out Traveler for the world’s most extraordinary and luxurious experiences for LGBT travelers. 


CHILL, is the first authentic young men’s print magazine for urban millennials. It’s a print, digital, and social brand aimed at amplifying authentic voices and reaching a generation of influencers, motivators, activators, and trendsetters with editorial focused on music, fitness, streetwear and footwear, urban pop culture, relationships, technology, and travel.

CHILL is the premier new brand for guys of all races, religions, orientations, and who are empowered by living label-free.

CHILL is a place to find camaraderie, to source ideas and topics that appeal to their unspoken needs, and for readers from a variety of cultural, racial, and sexual groups to share ideas without the baggage of definitions.



Plus is a leading provider of HIV-related health information serving consumers, AIDS service organizations, policy makers, and healthcare professionals.

Plus brings accurate, comprehensive, and trustworthy information on the treatment of HIV and its co-morbidities to audiences online, in-app, across social media, and through its treatment-focused print magazine.

Brands and audiences trust Plus to address the mental and physical health conditions that affect HIV-positive people through empowering, informative, and up-to-the-minute articles and posts.